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Notifications for the cycle

Entering New Cycle

Palmplan is a mobile application that uses natural family planning algorithm to monitor and track the fertility day of a womans fertility cycle

Status Update

PalmPlan has been under testing and evaluation since June 2016 to 2017. This began as a research project at Muteesa 1 Royal University and Lubaga Hospital

Next Steps

-Official Launch of the application -Adoption and usability -Getting partners who can support in the distribution -Conduct seminors and train people how palmplan works. -Getting financing Partners for the application


PalmPlan is a mobile app that uses natural family planning algorithm to monitor and track the fertility status of ladies under reproductive age. Using palmplan a lady can easily know her fertile days in a menestral cycle so as to avoid unintended pregnancy.

Application Language

The app is in English as well as supports over 5 lacal languages for native Ugandan citzens including Kiswahili the official East African Language.

Strategy for Use Expansion

We have a compitent technical team that has run its operations for more than 1 year now, and they are always ready to work towards the success of the innovation. We hope to conduct Massive Advertisment: We are planning to conduct a massive TVS, Radios and Social Media advertisment to create awareness of the app to as many people as possible. Official Launch: we are planning to conduct an official launch where guest from the Central Government, Health institutions, Religious bodies, Academic instituions, NGOs will be invited, this will serve as a starting point for the official operations and distributioin of the application.

How it works

-PalmPlan uses the tradition Natural Family Planning algorithm to track ladies fertility status. -The user just enters her first day of the menstration cycle and the app automatically monitors her daily fertility status along her cycle. -The app supports native local languages and as such it is easily used even by illiterate people. -The app shares track of a lady's previous history which is formated in a way making it possible to be shared VIA SMS apps and emails. -The app supports instant communication between the client and a health personel though SMS. This ensures little communication gap among palmplan users and the health institutions. The app offer change of fertility updates to its ussers through notifications