We train the Young to adopt to ICT

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are Commited to develop human potential through day to day applied technology, active hands on learning and research promotion and promotion of human rights, better Agricultural methods for social-economic and educational development

Our Focus

Agriculture, IT4Development, Open Data In Agriculture And Health Sector, Education, Community Development, Advocates For Peace, Sanitation, WASH Programs.

We Also Develop Organization Online Social Media Strategies, Offer IT And Agricultural Consultancies, Organize Tech Meetups For Non-profit, advocating for food security


Empowering Youths, Farmers, Women and Children towards Sustainability and other areas affecting Humanity


We can do it!

Together Let's Build a Solution With Open Data

Drone: The Future of Agriculture

The need for smart farming is making drones a big part of our agricultural future

We drive Agriculture with Technology

Youths in Technology and Development Uganda, is a Community-Youth driven, Volunteer-run, independent, nonprofit organization registered by the government of Uganda dedicated to deliver inclusive, innovative, sustainable programs and services to support the use of sustainable Technologies in our communities as well as Youth empowerment and community development.

We Embed ICT in Agriculture

This organisation is a human service organization that identifies the approach of effective means to involve young people in carrying out A carrying out Agriculture and in local development decision-making, giving them voice and influencing power, with benefits for themselves and their communities.

We are Indented to nurturing human potential, the capacity-building organization is made up of vibrant youths who exist to help youths and communities to access the skills, tools, and information they need to get going and do what they do best. We're about building effective and lasting relationships with people and organizations from all sectors so that together we can lend a helping hand and allow the thousands of Youths in localities across Uganda to reach their full potential as well as getting neccesary means of increasing food Security and Production

Why we Chose Kroilers for Income Generation

Kuroilers are dual purpose hybrid of chicken that produce quality meat and eggs. They offer a significant improvement in virtually all areas of breeding compared to the indigenous chickens,

They can produce around 150 to 200 eggs per year, or even 300 eggs in warmer conditions and the maturity period is about 10 weeks.

The meat yield per bird is also greater, with cocks weighing approximately 3.5kg at maturity and hens weighing about 2.5kg this makes them viable.

Give them Education

Though Children attending school in Rural Communities of Uganda face a great number of challenges like: lack of materials to use at school, lack of food, walking long distances, lack of clean and safe water, among others; this does not rob them their right to education.

Yitedev strives had to see that the rural poor attain quality education

Please Support us to support the rural poor in attaining quality Education

See that Joy

Reaching out to poor rural community schools with scholastic materials is one of the key activities of our Organisation On 25th October 2017, we reached out to over 400 children of New Hope Primary School with scholarship materials like: Pens, Pencils, Exercise Books and Mathematical Geometry Sets.

This donation was sponsored by Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas.
Lastly, we still need more support and feel free to contact us with a donation of any kind and we shall be able to reach out to as many needy schools as possible.