We create Tech Communities, IT4Development,Organize Tech Meetups For Non-profit, advocating for food security.

Agro-Technologies for Sustainability and Food Security

Agro-Technologies for Sustainability and Food Security

Agro-Technologies for Sustainability and Food Security

You mean Open Data and ICT can improve Agriculture?

We support the Education of the Rural Poor




We are a Community-Youth driven, Volunteer-run, independent, organization registered by the government of Uganda dedicated to deliver inclusive, innovative, sustainable programs and services to support the use of sustainable Technologies in Agriculture, Health, Education for the well being of our communities.

We are a human service organization that identifies the approach of effective means to involve young people in Creating developmental Innovations, We Train people on how to sustain themselves through Agriculture, Kuroiler Chicken keeping for income generation and nutrition. We are running a a caged kroiler project for schools to enable pupils attain quality Education.

we are also helping to link local farmers to markets, we conduct web2.0 Training for Organizations and Individuals, and above all, we are developers, we develop applications especially those that are geared towards Agricultural, Health & community sustainability.

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Our Services

Agriculture, IT4Development, Open Data In Agriculture And Health Sector, Education, Community Development, Advocates For Peace, Sanitation, WASH Programs.We Also Develop Organization Online Social Media Strategies, Offer IT And Agricultural Consultancies, Organize Tech Meetups For Non-profit

We Train, Educate and Empower local Farmers in carrying out Agriculture for Sustainability and Environmental protection as well as Linking farmers to markets


Our Joy is in Educating the less advantaged to attain quality education. We solicit and distribute education materials to such people to see that they attain Quality education


We create tech-communities of practice in which the appropriate use of technology creates opportunities for youths leading to Sustainable Community Development.

Open Data

We support and Promote Open Data

Urisaf Health Kit For Effective Diagnosis And Monitoring For Pregnant Mothers In Uganda

We train people on how to keep Kuroiler Chicken for income generation and nutrition values

Community Education &Training

We want to see that our people who are educated , so we reach out to the uneducated and we educate them

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Tech-Communities
  • Open Data
  • Health
  • Poultry
  • Community Education &Training

Our Recent Works

Here are some of our Recent Activities.

Kuroiler keeping Project
Urisaf Health Kit For Effective Diagnosis And Monitoring For Pregnant Mothers In Uganda
Crystalite Uv Water Purifier For Low Resource Settings In Uganda
Growing Quality Seedlings For Farmers
Educating The Less Advantaged
Education For All
Project Grow Tomatoes
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Reaching out to 2200 pupils with school materials

Watch this Video About Our Recent Scholorship Material Distribution

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We Create Opportunities for the Youths

When youth participation is well supported, young people can gain much by involving in Community-Driven Development. At the core of the Organization’s activities is system of Youth with intent to create more opportunities for community prosperity

These operations provide an opportunity to increase youth voice, empowerment and employment. In return, youth involvement can enhance the quality and transparency, improving community representation and bringing youthful qualities of hopefulness, energy and creativity into finding solutions to local development challenges..

Our Core Values:

  • Community focus
  • Integrity (honesty, transparency)
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration

Our Core Values:

  • Cooperation and partnership
  • maintaining accountability and fairness
  • Education
  • Human rights and justice
  • Commuinity


Some of the projects we are working on

We have done a number of projects, and some of the projects accomplished are listed down.

  • Caged Kroiler project to support quality Education

  • Kitafferi Project, distribution of seedlings

  • Twinning Project-connecting schools

  • Web2.0 training Project

  • Distribution of scholastic materials to school children

  • Yitedev Community-Tech (for training ICT in our community

  • Sanitary Pads project

  • project save the environment

  • project Go green

  • Farmers Tech-training

  • Saving Lives at Birth, project for pregnant mothers

  • Book collection for less advantaged

  • Project Bees for income generation

  • Palm Plan, (Natural Family Planning Tool)

  • Tessoil Farmers’ app

  • Farmsell App (application for selling farmer’s produces)

  • Agriculture Open Data Project

  • Farmer’s Weather Station

  • Seeding Project- availing quality seedlings to farmers

Customer Views

We are trying our efforts to see that we creat great communities that can sustain themselves economically, health wise and all other life aspects.

Education & Employment are the two main aspects usually for anyone. But gaining knowledge and taking a bold decision to setup this organisation with limited resources, and with a genuine purpose of improving the living standards of the less privileged children by giving them shelter, food, healthy conditions, education. Supporting destitute elderly women by giving them food every day & instilling a hope in them that they too are wanted, struggling women with lot of responsibilities have a avenue to work and earn with dignity through tailoring centres and teaching at creche centres. I really appreciate this organisation.;

Naluyima Getrude Director HasemoLTD

We are deeply appreciative of the contribution made by this great Organisation. Just imagine within a short span of time … today I am told that YITEDEV has reached more than 1200 pupils giving them scholarship materials to go back to school. it provides food to over one million children, healthy food and the message… of love, compassion, which is inherent in Ugandan civilization” Umario Kay, Director Bliss Africa Foundation

Umario Kay